Years of delivering property developments has taught us that you get the best results when you have one team centrally managing the job. Our combined design and construction experience means you can be confident we know exactly what needs to be done, and when, to make your next development a success.

Whether you have an existing site or need help finding and accessing land to meet your investment objectives, we can help. We know how local and state planning rules work so we can offer you the best advice and help you choose the right development type for your project.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to develop and deliver your project. Depending on the stage your project’s at, we can either undertake a feasibility study to determine its viability or start the full design and planning process. We’re experienced at working with consultants and have the knowledge to make sure your development conforms with state government policies and other necessary approvals.

With the green light to begin construction, we’ll deliver your development as cost-effectively as possible. We can also manage title and strata registration on your behalf so your project settles as soon as possible.

Early Feasibility

It’s important to know your potential project returns before progressing too far. By combining traditional building methods with prefabricated components and modular methodology, we can help you maximise your project’s value.

Design Concept

Our team of in-house and trusted design partners can produce detailed designs quickly so your project can progress to   the development application stage. Our designers are complemented by in-house engineering and construction specialists  who all feed into the design, layout and planning process.

Development Application

We know what’s required to prepare and submit successful development applications having delivered many client projects – and our own. We’re able to coordinate your development application through town planning relationships or via  our own Design and Building Practitioner Portal. For Class 2 apartment projects in New South Wales, we’ll lodge and manage your application through the portal.


Moov Modular Director Ian Munday leads our construction team. Our builders are highly experienced and have worked on developments ranging from high end luxury housing to prefabricated town homes and modular retirement villas.

Project Management

Managing stakeholders through the design phase including town planners, building designers, engineers, construction teams as well as specialist consultants and trades is complex. We have  decades of combined project management experience  to co-ordinate all of these stakeholders at each stage to deliver your project  on time and on budget.

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