Design Concept

Our team of in-house and trusted design partners can produce detailed designs quickly so your project can progress to the development application stage. Our designers are complemented by in-house engineering and construction specialists who all feed into the design, layout and planning process.

We have the experience and vision to help you prepare your concept designs, having successfully delivered seniors living, townhouse and affordable modular developments. We can work with you on your proposed plans or tailor a design to deliver the best result based on your feasibility study outcomes.

The project conception stage starts with researching your objectives, site, budget and works to produce an economically viable and desirable design. We’re passionate about building homes people love living in. We believe design is key to the development process and we aim to embody sustainable practices to achieve the most energy efficient result. Our projects target the minimum 7 star NaTHERS rating and can achieve higher classifications through smart design and material selection.

Design Concept
Design Concept

The design concept process involves:

Step 1

Establishing your objectives

Step 2

Producing initial design drawings

Step 3

Refining initial design concepts

Step 4

Aligning the design to meet relevant codes and government requirements

Step 5

Collaborating with engineers on civil, structural and storm water designs

Step 6

Consulting town planners and/or certifiers depending on the project

Step 7

Conducting ‘sense checks’ with local real estate agents on the design and likely finished product to  maximise efficiencies preparing full plans for your development application

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