Development Application

We know what’s required to prepare and submit successful development applications having delivered many client projects – and our own. We’re able to coordinate your development application through town planning relationships or via  our own Design and Building Practitioner Portal. For Class 2 apartment projects in New South Wales, we’ll lodge and manage your application through the portal.

The development application stage can progress in one of two directions. The direction depends on whether:

  1. you need council approval to sign off on your development application, or
  2. your project is a complying development
Development Application

Council Development Applications (DAs)

The Moov Modular team has a lot of experience  taking complex property development transactions from  the design and due diligence phases through to council approval. Our process is streamlined and we’ve developed strong relationships with expert consultants over many years, and many projects, including:

  1. town planners
  2. storm water and hydraulic engineers
  3. geotechnical
  4. structural engineers
  5. aborists
  6. flood and bushfire consultants
  7. civil and traffic engineers
  8. lawyers 
  9. community consultants
  10. certifiers
  11. key trades e.g. plumbers, electricians and fitters
  12. building designers and architects

Our experience means we’re able to efficiently check and confirm which consultants need to have input on your  project. We can also engage proactively with councils on your behalf so we can lodge your DA as quickly as possible with the town planner, or through our own portal.  We have a strong track record for lodging successful DAs because we set out to make designs compliant from the start.

Development Application

Complying Development

This process is similar to submitting a council DA. The only difference is that a certifier approves the complying development – not a town planner. A certifier can sign off on complying developments because they’re subject to fewer council requirements.

Many of the consultants needed for  a council DA are required for a complying development. The certifier and building designer, or architect, need to collectively approve  that your designs, and build, meet Australian building codes.

Based on the feasibility of your project, and your objectives, we will:

  1. ensure your project meets local and state-based planning guidelines and check your project complies with all development design requirements and codes
  2. seek initial confirmation from the certifier that your project plans comply
  3. prepare detailed consultant reports in preparation for the certifier’s final approval 
  4. create detailed design drawings showing how your project complies with planning requirements
  5. obtain minor council sign-offs for your project including utility connection and payment of fees for construction to start
  6. secure the certifier’s final approval to begin construction

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