Our Partners

Moov Modular is really keen to help use our extensive experience and activities in the construction sector to make a difference for Australians by delivering more affordable housing. We are especially committed to helping those less fortunate than us with special partnerships with charities and services providers in the housing sector. This desire to make a difference is a strong part of our business and when combined with our great trade partners provide the team to deliver your projects successfully.

Coast Shelter

Moov Modular is proud to partner with leading not-for-profit provider Coast Shelter. The organisation specialises in providing homelessness services and support programs on the New South Wales Central Coast. We assist with work placements, fundraising and other ongoing programmes to support Coast Shelter and its clients.

Homes for Homes

Homes for Homes is a charity run by The Big Issue. The charity generates donations on home sales which are then given to registered charities who support homeless Australians and provide much-needed accommodation. This growing charity is changing the model of property ownership by  financing  more social and affordable homes.

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