Moov Modular Director Ian Munday leads our construction team. Our builders are highly experienced and have worked on developments ranging from high end luxury housing to prefabricated town homes and modular retirement villas


Construction is  an exciting stage for you – and for us.  This is where all the hard work and planning comes together to produce amazing homes.

The construction process has a number of stages and, depending on your project, can include:

  1. costing across the build, and ancillaries, for completion including transportation and module delivery
  2. undertaking initial groundworks and demolition
  3. undertaking plumbing and civil works as well as drainage and  required flood protections or lifting
  4. installing concrete slabs and supporting piers
  5. laying the brickwork  – this is necessary for hybrid projects that combine modules with a traditional build
  6. installing structural supports
  7. manufacturing the modules in our factory
  8. fitting the roof
  9. delivering the fully or partially fitted out modules to site
  10. engaging core trades to complete  electrical and plumbing works
  11. installing gyprock and insulation to meet  fire rating requirements
  12. completing the tiling and painting
  13. undertaking landscaping cleaning the house so it’s live-in ready
Floor Frame Build for Moov Modular

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