Early Feasibility

It’s important to know your potential project returns before progressing too far. By combining traditional building methods with prefabricated components and modular methodology, we can help you maximise your project’s value.

We begin the early feasibility process by looking at the  specifics of your site including slope, access and drainage. We’ll also consider any limitations or opportunities for your project. This stage typically  involves a site visit  and taking advice from local expert consultants who know the area.

With the site assessment underway, we’ll  undertake a planning assessment covering the specific state environmental planning policies as well as local environmental and development control plans. The planning assessment may  also involve a review of complying development requirements for dual occupancy or medium density housing. As part of the planning assessment, we’ll also review your  site’s capacity considering  its gross floor area, suitable dwelling types  and numbers  as well as setbacks and other zoning requirements. We’ll  then partner  with local real estate agents to assess your project’s potential marketability, or rental demand, so you achieve your objectives.

Another factor that can impact your project’s feasibility is build time. And this is where we excel. Moov Modular’s hybrid  process means we can be working on site and manufacturing modules for delivery at the same reducing build times and project costs.

Early Feasibility

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