At Moov Modular, we have our own proprietary designs and factory manufacturing capabilities to deliver all the components needed for a modular build. We can incorporate some, or all, of these components into your development depending on your design and objectives.  Our ability to deliver these components  gives you, and us,  more control over the process and potentially more cost savings.

Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) form a core part of Moov Modular’s design and construction process. The panels are manufactured in our factory and used to build our modules. Our SIP proprietary technology has been developed and enhanced over time.

Turn-key Modular Homes

We can help with the supply and delivery of your modular home as well as lock up and fit-out construction. If you’re time-poor, we can manage the delivery of your project and co-ordinate trades on your behalf to deliver a complete turnkey home that’s move-in ready. Let us know how little, or how much, work you want to do yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.

Prefab Build

Moov Modular can provide all the components you need for your next prefabricated build. The benefit of having our own factory means we can build many components offsite to fast-track construction and reduce your build time. Our skilled construction team also has the flexibility to combine prefabricated components with traditional building methods and designs depending on your needs.

Bathroom Pods

Make adding a new bathroom easy with a Moov Modular bathroom pod. Structurally complete and fully finished, this turnkey bathroom solution can be built-in to a new home or added to the side of an existing house. Manufactured in our factory for efficient construction and quality control, our bathroom pods are fully compliant with Australian Access Standards (AS 1368) to cater for people living with mobility issues

Tiny Homes

If you’re needing more room at your existing property, or are an accommodation provider wanting to expand your offering for short-term stays, tiny homes are the perfect solution. Tiny homes come fully equipped with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and we can add  wheels so you have the freedom to move it whenever you like. We currently don’t construct one off Tiny Homes but are able to work with developers undertaking Tiny Home villages.


The Moov Modular construction team has significant experience across multi-storey, medium density and the newer co-living projects.  Our construction team, led by Construction Manager Ian Munday, is a registered Class 2 builder and can deliver your next co-living project. We also specialise in low rise medium density projects which allows us to deliver affordable housing developments.

In NSW, the Government recently introduced two new laws being the Design and Building Practitioner Act and the Residential Apartment Building Act.  From 1 July 2021, builders and designers need to be registered as Class 2 practitioners to submit designs and construct buildings with multi dwellings on top of each other.

Retirement Villages and Manufactured Home Parks

Modular housing is an ideal solution for retirement village and manufactured home park developments. Moov Modular can efficiently deliver modular homes for medium and large scale projects and can make them transportable for greater flexibility. Modular housing is highly suitable for land lease developments and we can help you identify the best sites to increase housing availability.

Complying Developments

The Moov Modular design team has  extensive  experience and can take your next complying development project through the required planning and certification processes.  From small duplex projects through to large scale townhouse developments, our modular building techniques will ensure your project is delivered cost-efficiently and quickly.

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