Ready to start a property project or keen to learn how you can integrate modular and prefabricated housing into your next development? We can help you get the ball rolling on your latest investment.

How to collaborate with us

Since 2018, Moov Modular has teamed with a range of housing industry stakeholders including investors, developers, charities and investment funds. We know the time it takes to see a project through from conception to completion which is why we believe in building  long-term and trusted relationships to help you achieve your investment goals. We do this by taking the time to identify your objectives and define your outcomes.

We can partner with you on full property development processes or on specific sites you may already have identified.

Speak with the Moov Modular team about how pre-fabricated builds can work for you and let’s get Mooving on your next project.

Our Partners

We have a great group of partners we work with both across our developments and in the community. The teams and suppliers from these partners have extensive experience in the construction industry and really help the Moov Modular team deliver our projects. We are pleased at the trust relationships with have with them and look forward to introducing them to you on your projects!

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